Are you a contractor in Norway?
What is an umbrella company?

We can act as your employer to ensure compliance

All income earned in Norway must be payrolled and declared through a Norwegian registered employer. After securing a contract, you must decide whether to register a company or use employed services. We can help you find the most cost-effective and compliant solution.

If you choose our employed solution, you do not have to register a company in Norway. We will handle all the statutory requirements, such as tax deductions, national insurance, holiday pay, pension and insurance. We will run projections so that you know what income to expect.

Most foreign workers in Norway pay too much tax because they don’t take advantage of the generous tax set offs available. We assist our contractors with their tax returns to ensure that they get the cash tax refund they are entitled to.

Our employed services are run together with GTS Nordic, Denmarks largest provider of employment solutions for contractors.

How it works?

1. Contact us to get a quote and projection
2. We sign a contract with your agency or client
3. The contractor sign an employment contract with our umbrella company
4. We invoice the agency/client
5. We provide a payslip and pay the net pay in Norway
6. We deduct and declare all taxes to the Norwegian Tax Authorities
7. On annual bases we optimize your tax return

This is a 100% compliant solution where all Norwegian regulations are followed in a secure way. Using us as your employer, also makes it easier to get work permit in Norway, as it is mandatory with an employment contract with a local business entity.
You may read more on Ecovis’ main page about this solution:

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